1.  It is forbidden to promote OTHER RF SERVERS in the RF PHANTOM game. Permanently Banned
2.  It is forbidden to take ADVANTAGE/EXPLORE of all kinds of bugs.

Warning in any form, banned 7 days

2nd time:  Permanent banned.

3.  It is forbidden to use ILLEGAL PROGRAMS / SOFTWARE (3rd party) in RF PHANTOM game.

Banned Permanent

2nd time: Block IP Address


 We are allowing trash talking in game, but there must be a limit. A player MUST NOT IN ANYWAY INCLUDE

(Religions, Family Members, Racial Status)

1. 1st offence 2 days chat ban

2. 2nd offence 7 days ban

3. 3rd offence PERMANENT BAN


Must be ENGLISH in ALL chats RACE chats and MAP chats. This might lead you to PERMANENT BAND if this rule is ignore. SPAMMING selling/trading items in ALL chats RACE chats and MAP chats is forbbiden. PLEASE USE /SELL chats for TRADING/SELLING.

Warning: Kick in game

2nd time: Banned

6.  INSULTING and THREATS to GM / on behalf of GM in RF PHANTOM is forbidden. Permanently Banned
7.  Logging out (FORCE LOG-OUT) while being attacked “battle mode” or using another 3rd party program than can cause your client to crash or make your character disappear/log-out is strictly prohibited.


2nd time: Banned


No PVP inside the core if the HSK is safe.

If rules is not followed, there will be a Offense and may lead to Permanent Ban.

1st Offense: 1 Day Ban

2nd time: Permanent Banned

9.  No TERRAIN or UNMANNED MAU ABUSE (Inside Chip/Hiding towers inside an unmanned MAU)

Warning: Kick in game

2nd time: Banned

10.  No SIGMA 3 to all Race.


2nd time: Banned

11.  It is forbidden to use additional PATCH the causes BUGS and other error in RF PHANTOM that are not compatible with our SERVER.

The RFP Team will not be RESPONSIBLE for the errors that will cause your client.

you will be Banned once this rule is abuse.

12.  GvG must be a real fight between 2 guilds and cannot be done by 2 guild members who only stand in GvG area (this is called FAKE GvG). Doing "FAKE GvG" is strictly forbidden.


2nd time: Banned

13.  Impersonating as a GM or using NICKNAMES such as GM or mimicking GMs name and using ALTs+ character/alphabets/numbers is strictly prohibited.


2nd time: Banned

14.  DO NOT FORGET your PASSWORD from your account, note and save it, keep it private to avoid hacks. RF Phantom will not be responsible for password loss.

RFP Team will not be RESPONSIBLE for loss password.

Note and keep it safe to avoid hacks and lost.

15.  Certain points transfusion/feeding is forbidden (CPT/TEMPO FEEDING). Banned
16.  ITEM LOST, password change, CX password change, FG password change cause by PILOTS (ip address check via server logs), RF Phantom is not be responsible in these cases.

Warning: Pilot is allowed with your OWN RISK.

RFP Team will not be RESPONSIBLE for any losses.

17.  Losing ITEMS during server CRASH, ERRORS, DISCONNECTION, RF Phantom will not replace it under circumstances. Not knowing the rules will never be an excuse for not following them. WARNINGS are up to the GMs discretion and not mandatory. Warning - Banned
18.  RMT (Real Money Trading) characters, items, weapon, equipment id allowed BUT! 
RFP Team will not be RESPONSIBLE with this RMT transaction.